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Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity in York Region
Our Mission
To organize festivals, events, entertainments and other initiatives which, in the context of sexuality and gender identity, across York Region and beyond, illuminate and celebrate human diversity, captivate the general public, inspire inclusivity and foster harmony and acceptance.
Year-Round Volunteers
Our year-round volunteers assist with planning, administration or management activities throughout a pride year. To do so, they join one of more York Pride Fest teams covering various areas of responsibility, meet periodically with other members of their team(s) and, as a team member, carry out their share of the work that their team(s) need to do.
A reandomly selected year-round volunteer The roles of year-round volunteers include:
  • Fundraising activities, to enable the raising of funds by donations, sponsorship or special events.
  • Festival and event publicity, to increase visibility and understanding by enhancing awareness and event attendance.
  • Liaison with local organizations, neighbouring pride organizations and municipal government, e.g. to request proclamations
  • Planning of LGBT awareness displays and acquisition/control of related materials.
  • Arranging event venues, entertainment, food/drink and other resources
  • Volunteer recruitment, orientation and support.